New Modulating Cyclone® Mxi High Efficiency Commercial Gas Models

Posted by Doug Breier on

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new line of Cyclone Mxi modulating high–efficiency direct vent water heaters. The Cyclone Mxi is loaded with new features and design enhancements that further distance this commercial industry leader from the competition. Thermal efficiency has been increased with Cyclone Mxi models now delivering rated efficiencies of up to 98%. The new modulating burner results in even higher actual efficiency when the unit operates at lower inputs. These efficiency levels deliver significant energy savings resulting in a short payback period. The new model series is available for order now. The new Series 200 Cyclone Mxi design feature list includes: Modulation Increased efficiency Spark ignition Easy access exhaust and condensate New vent material options New low profile vent termination kits Addition of recirculation loop return connection The specification sheet and installation manual for these new models are available online at ________________.

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