About Water Heater Distributors

Started in 1959 as Water Heater Specialist, Inc. the company served the Pittsburgh area by servicing residential and commercial water heaters. During the early years the company began selling A.O. Smith water heaters and became the factory representative for Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Throughout the 1960's and 70's the company expanded its product line to include boilers, circulating pumps, hot water storage tanks, expansion tanks, controls, and accessories related to the water heating industry. In 1985 the name was changed to Water Heater Distributors and management focused on being the primary choice of the plumbing and heating professional by maintaining the Tri-states largest inventory of commercial and residential water heaters, boilers, pumps, tanks, and related accessories.

Although, the company no longer employees field service personnel, we can recommend highly qualified service technicians in the Pittsburgh, PA area. In addition, the current sales staff will visit local job sites to ensure the proper equipment is selected and make sure the installation is performed properly.

As mentioned, the company originally served the western Pennsylvania market. Today, the company serves Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, New York and makes shipments nation-wide. During the past year, we even made a shipment to Pakistan for the Federal Government.

The ability to find the right products and/or replacement water heater parts on a timely basis is imperative to keeping tenants, guests, or employees satisfied and your buildings in good working order. Knowing where to call for those products or parts is imperative to being a successful building operator. Therefore, bookmark this website for future water heating needs.

All calls and emails are answered by a knowledgeable sales representative. The president of the company has been employed since the company's origination in 1959. The remaining sales force has nearly sixty years of combined experience.