WHD Launches New Website

Posted by Doug Breier on

Water Heater Distributors has rolled out a new website designed to make it easy to find the best products in the industry at the lowest prices imaginable. WHD has invested in this sales channel after identifying the trend of winning numerous equipment bids from clients far from their Pittsburgh, PA headquarters.

Because our cost is significantly lower than other distributors, we can deliver equipment to contractors in Las Vegas, NE for example, more cost-effectively than they can purchase it from their local suppliers. If you find the product you are looking for on our web site*, you'll pay less for it from Water Heater Distributors."

* Just use the "Request Quote" button on any equipment item to get a great price and fast response!

Looking for a part? Need to talk to a specialist who can really help...?

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The CALL button uses the click-to-call feature which opens your phone's keypad automatically.

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