For many companies, purchasing a commercial water heater, boiler or storage tank can be one of the largest, single expenditures of the year. So naturally you want to be sure you are getting the right equipment for your application. We do too.

Water Heater Distributors has been in the commercial water heater business since 1959 and we have assisted thousands of customers in the past 6 decades. It is our mission to help you select the correct equipment for your application. Don't just guess what you think you need and then search the web for the lowest price. Ask WHD and you will KNOW BETTER! and Buy Smarter. For immediate assistance, call 412-471-6984. Or browse our site, add 1 or more items to the Quote Request system and send it off to us electronically. Either way, when we learn more about your application, we may recommend a unit that is a better fit, more efficient, less expensive or new to the market. Do not just buy on price - it may cost your more in the long run.